Windows 10 will download itself even if you don't wish to upgrade

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    If you have automatic updates switched on in office home and business 2010 or 8.1, your OS will quietly download Windows 10 for you, weather you're considering to reserve your Windows 10 free upgrade or not. It isn't yet confirmed whether it's a bug or Microsoft is doing this intentionally. The only way to stop it, for now, would be to turn automatic updates off and update your Windows manually.

    If there's a concealed ??$Windows.BT' folder in the root directory of the main hard disk (usually C: drive), it means Microsoft has already started downloading Windows 10 for you personally. The download is going to be between 3.5GB to 6GB of information.

    Nobody knows what Micro$oft does, not really their employees. Indian army (Jesus) which floods their forums, sporting a variety of "M$Professional" signatures, is clueless - Every. Single. Time (they'd do good to pack a dictionary, but that's another story, hehe). There are hundreds and maybe thousands of the identical thread(s), over-and-over-again repeating exactly the same incorrect answer to questions. Good luck finding a solution there (chances are, you won't; unless you are a housewife, wondering why a button won't click), blah. xD

    I'm so sick of it, LOL. Other product problem downloading gigabytes of data through my ISP (just imagine the people on metered connections, when anything goes completely wrong), but when I wish to download cheap project 2013 professional on my own - it can't be achieved.

    Used their tool to try and get a/the buy office 2013 pro plus , however, it just downloads the older build for me personally: Version 10.0 (Build 10240); i quickly used their web site, to try and obtain a copy also it gave me the correct one, the new update that we had been searching for: Version 1511 (OS Build 10586.0), BUT it's the Home version (LMAO).

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