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Summer is traditionally not a good season for that software business. Sunny days lure people away from computers - including developers, bloggers and tech geeks in general - meaning there is not much news about software and technology. Maybe for this reason Microsoft chose to introduce the brand new windows server 2008 r2 just today, within the company's Worldwide Partners Conference, so that they might get everyone's attention.

Microsoft Office 2010 is meant to represent quite a revolution in comparison to previous versions of Office. While still keeping exactly the same ribbon-style interface, some Office applications will feature important improvements, such as the possibility for multiple users to to edit a document in Word 2010 simultaneously, enhanced photo editing tools and new transitions for PowerPoint 2010, and the much awaited improved search function in Outlook 2010 (I'm particularly looking forward to that one).

However the most significant new feature in microsoft windows 10 pro will undoubtedly be the brand new online versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Onenote. Over time of delay, it seems that Microsoft have finally chose to launch their very own alternative to Zoho,Google Docs, OpenGoo, ThinkFree and many other online productivity suites. The online Office 2010 will probably be a light version of the suite, but it will enable you to operate anytime, anywhere.

We'll surely learn a lot more about buy microsoft office 2010 in the next few days. Meanwhile, you are able to take a look at the videos (published on the Microsoft website in error, and today kindly hosted by istartedsomething), check the detailed guide compiled by Leena Rao at TechCrunch and subscribe to the Microsoft Technical Preview waiting list which, with a bit of luck, might grant you access to a pre-release version of Office 2010.

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