Get CPU Information via Command Prompt in Windows 10

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    In Windows 10, you'll be able to get details about the office 2013 home and student set up in your computer while using command line. If you want to print it out or simply view your CPU details without restarting your PC or utilizing a third party tool, here's the way it can be achieved.

    To determine some information concerning the CPU of your Windows 10 device, perform the following.

    1.Open a heightened command prompt.

    2.Type the next command:

    While this trick can't replace powerful apps like AIDA64 or HWiNFO, it's a good option to determine the information quickly without third party tools. You'll be able to use it in a variety of automation scripts if required.

    If you want to use GUI tools, you can observe some windows 7 ultimate information via the built-in Task Manager tool. In the "More details" mode it has a tab "Performance" which shows the CPU name and its clock:

    An alternative choice is the application "System Information". Utilize it the following:

    1.Press the Win + R hotkeys together on the keyboard and type the next command in your Run box:

    2.Within the System Summary section, look at the Processor value in the right pane

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