Windows 8 isn't doing too bad whatsoever, now running on 10% of all desktops

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Microsoft has every reason to consider the 2010 set to be a great one, following the news that its divisive cheap microsoft office 2010 os's have finally landed on 10 percent of all desktops running to date. The stats come from Net Applications, which is one of the main monitors of such things, and reveal that as the original Windows 8 lost 0.001 percent of its share of the market, it's follow up Windows 8.1 grew by 0.86 percent, using the two OS's combined share to 10.15 percent of desktops.

A great job by Windows 8 to be sure, however it was always prone to sneak in towards the ten percent mark given that most new laptops include the OS pre-installed. An even better performer however was Windows 7, the elder sibling of Windows 8, which continues to expand its overall add the desktop platform. Throughout November, Windows 7's market share grew by 0.22 percent, accompanied by an enormous 2.62 percent in December to depart it with 49.26 % of the market overall.

The reason for this sudden growth of cheap microsoft office 2013 newer operating systems may be the decline of Or windows 7, support for which is finally set to finish in some months time. During the last two month's, Windows XP's share fell by 3.38 percent, from 31.22 percent to simply 27.84 percent overall. Windows Vista also saw its market share fall by 0.11 percent, probably as organizations upgrade themselves to newer operating systems.

As for the rest, Apple is going to be pleased to observe that its cheap windows 8 rose from 2.42 percent in November to 2.86 percent recently. Overall, Mac operating systems claim 7.54 percent from the desktop market, while the quantity of systems running Linux distros rose by 0.17 percent to 1.73 percent overall.

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